Boudie Call Applications

Thank you so much for applying for the Boudie Call!! Here is a snippet of how it all works :)

For modelling you will relieve the following:

  • A complimentary Photo-shoot
  • Professional Make up
  • Your very own Viewing & Ordering Session with me to select the products you LOVE!
  • The experience to be a model for a day!!

There is a $150 booking fee due at the time of choosing, but this will go towards any product order as a $150 discount.

Once you complete your application, the next step is to keep an eye on your emails as I will be in contact shortly, with my Questionnaire, Pricing & Payment Plan information. Once this is filled out applicants will be contact via a phone call.

Successful applicants will then be required to pick a date and time for their session, fill in the Model Release, Contract & pay their $150 date holding fee. Once all of that is complete we get down to business customizing the session for you!

I am so excited that your here, Good Luck!! xx ♥

-- Holly Franklin | Boudoir Photographer

Name *
What model call are you applying for?
Take your time answering, I will not accept answers such as "I think it will be fun!"
Are you aware there is a holding fee *
*This fee is non refundable if you miss your session. This will be credited back to you in the form as a discount on products you purchase
This is required so I can get an idea of who you are. Please make sure your profile is public enough that I can view your profile pictures.
Tell me what you do and why you love it
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Model Release
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