A good ole raffle

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Imagine or remember being in your early 30's - For those of you who aren't there yet it may seem like a long way to go and for those who are past that, you probably have some amazing memories of being young.
Cos really, it is pretty fucking young. Where were you when you were in your 30s? Pre teen children growing up beautifully before your eyes, partying with girlfriends and just having a bad ass time.

But my friend Krystal who is 32, who I have known for 20 years is just trying to live for her son's 7th birthday this Saturday. She's holding on for him. For her daughter who is 11 and for her other son who is 5. 
Everyone who knows her are devastated that a vibrant, active, fucking awesome amazing woman and Mum oh and PS Darwins best cake maker just FYI will be leaving us any day now. 

Her friends and family have rallied together to fulfil many bucket lists but one thing that also mattered was that her children and her family had as little financial burden as possible. And whilst I wish I could change things, I can't but I can try and donate as much as possible.

So what can I do? 
Tonight at 8pm I am holding a 24hr flash sale where a portion of each session bought will be donated to Krystal's go fund me page.
Starting today at 10am - a raffle because I know not everyone can afford a session and thought this was a good way to be able to win one whilst all proceeds of the ticket sales goes towards her fund.

I have also included links to stories about Krystal




First Prize: Complimentary shoot + hair and make up with mini album

Second Prize: $300 credit towards products

Third Prize: $200 credit towards products

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